Friday, 01.12.2023

Revising the current National Employment Policy

On 1 December 2023 FES Ethiopia together with Ethiopian Labour Rights Watch (ELRW) held a workshop on Revision of the current National Employment Policy to cover workplace sexual harassment. It is a follow up from a recommendation made in a research conducted by the two institutions on “How to Institute Reporting Mechanisms on Violations of Workers’ Rights?”.

The draft policy was presented by the researchers stressing the four focus areas: Prevention, Awareness Creation, Compliance & Reporting and Disciplinary Measures. They also highlighted the policy’s implementation strategy and how to establish monitoring and evaluation frameworks.

The workshop facilitated a vibrant discussion among participants exploring the crucial roles of various governmental and non-governmental institutions in realizing the policy's potential. Stakeholders, including employers, employees, government, and civil society organizations, were identified as having distinct and critical roles in fostering a culture of zero tolerance towards sexual harassment in the workplace.


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