Thursday, 30.09.2021

Policy Debate Series: Politicizing the gender equality question

The first event in a series of policy dialogues organized by Setaweet in partnership with FES aimed at examining three central questions in the effort to (re)politicize issue and lay the groundwork for the creation of a mass-based Ethiopian feminist movement.

To this end, the event on “Politicizing the Gender Equality Question” asked questions like: What if Wallelign Mekonnen’s famous Tract "On the Question of Nations and Nationalities (1965)" was written by a woman? What if gender equality had been an equally important linchpin of the struggles that came after, and which define present-day Ethiopia?

There was also a presentation on the “The Origins of the Original Sins of Ethnic Federalism” by Lidet Tadesse, questioning why Ethiopian ethnic federalism does not put matrilineal lineage into consideration, with ethnic-based and ethno-lingual federalism structures ignoring the dominant majority women’s question. In another link of discussion, a presentation on "Federalism, Gender and Politics" by Dr. Sisay Kinfe looked at how Federalism has a direct relationship with gender. A final presentation by Dr. Teguada Alebachew covered the question "Why and how the Constitution Impacts Gender". The event discussed the nature of the constitution and how important it is to promote Gender Equality’. During the discussion, it was articulated how the Constitution has a vision that reflects the nation’s values and history as well as aspirational objectives for the future.

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