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“Misikir” – a feminist film about women in conflict

“Misikir” – a feminist film about women in conflict

“Misikir” – a feminist film about women in conflict

// Film screening of “Misikir”

Conflict deeply impacts the lives, dignity, and livelihoods of women. To shed light on this issue and amplify the shared experiences of women and girls in conflict-ridden regions of Ethiopia, FES Ethiopia participated in the “Misikir” project — a documentary film produced by Setaweet Movement. The film premiered to the public for the first time in both Amharic and English screenings, followed by a serious, in-depth and thought-provoking discussion.

In the poignant documentary, several affected women, now living in IDP camps, directly share their personal experiences and stories in interviews. These testimonies encompass the loss of loved ones, unimaginable violence, displacement, and coping with the burden of trauma and material hardship. Through such intimate storytelling, the film highlights resilience in the face of profound misery and health challenges. Simultaneously, it draws parallels between the experiences of women from diverse communities and regions – from Afar, Amhara, Benishangul-Gumuz and Tigray –, emphasizing the similarity and interconnectedness of gendered experiences, as well as the need for solidarity amongst women.

The title “Misikir”, which translates to “witness” in Amharic and is typically used as a boys’ name, was deliberately chosen to emphasize the important value of women’s and girls’ testimonies. Their stories deserve to be heard, and their voices amplified, fostering gender-sensitive approaches to peacebuilding and conflict resolution.

The film is available for free, with Amharic and English subtitles.




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