Thursday, 18.01.2024

HER Rights as a worker!

In a significant step towards more respect for gender rights and gender equality at the workplace, the FES organized a workshop in Dire Dawa on 18 January 2024 targeting representatives of the Trade Union Women Committees in the Somali-Region. The main focus of the workshop was to create a more comprehensive understanding of ILO Convention 190 on sexual harassment at the workplace and to lobby for its implementation by aligning with feminist organizations like EWLA.

The event aimed to equip participants with tools to address violence and harassment at the workplace and empowering women in trade unions to advocate for safer and more inclusive work environments together with civil society organizations.

Sessions covered topics such as identifying and addressing violence and harassment, promoting gender-sensitive policies, and fostering a culture of respect and equality within trade unions. The discussions and exchanges of experiences encouraged a sense of solidarity and collaboration among the attendees, emphasizing the importance of collective efforts and forming alliances with other strategic partners in creating positive change.

As part of the FES’s commitment to social justice and gender equality, the workshop also addressed broader issues related to women's rights and representation in the labor movement. Participants explored ways to amplify the voices of women within trade unions and contribute to shaping more inclusive policies and practices.


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