Saturday, 25.05.2024

Economic Cost of Conflict and Options for Recovery in Afar and Ethiopia

On 25 May 2024, FES and Ethiopian Economic Association (EEA) in partnership with Samara University organized the first Afar reginal conference on the economic development of the regional state in Semera.

A Panel discussion on ‘Economic Cost of Conflict and Options for Recovery’ focused on the challenges faced by the region and the country. Those highlighted were reduction of tax collection, high inflation, disruption to the way of life, economic dependency on aid, and a rise of sexual violence. Possible solutions were also noted, like need for inclusive economic recovery plan and most importantly political stability. Renewing of the social contract where the society rebuilds its trust in the government, economic empowerment of women, creating access to education, comprehensive trauma healing processes and community-based peacebuilding with women at the center, were other proposals for resolving the situation.




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