Friday, 15.03.2024

Business and Human Rights at #MIGA2024

Expert discussion and insights from Ethiopia on the discourse surrounding business practices and human rights is gaining momentum globally, and the recent #MIGA2024 conference held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, tried shed light to this growing concern.


Discussions centered around Business and Human Rights (BHR), the German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act, and sustainability, particularly within the context of Africa and specifically Ethiopia. Key stakeholders, including representatives from AU, Ethiopian horticulture and coffee sector, came together to address crucial issues surrounding policies promoting production, productivity, sustainability, and human rights in Ethiopia. The emphasis was on crafting policies that not only foster economic growth but also ensure the protection and promotion of human rights.


Drawing parallels to global initiatives, the discussions echoed sentiments aimed at expanding human and labor rights protection to global value chains, and its potential implications for workers, particularly in the global south.


As discussions continue to evolve and initiatives take shape, events like #MIGA2024 serve as catalysts for progress, paving the way for a future where business practices prioritize both profit and people.



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