Thursday, 21.04.2022 - Addis Ababa

Women and Conflict in Ethiopia

In the continued policy dialogue series, Setaweet and FES organized their third event with the title "Women and Conflict in Ethiopia".

It was designed to assess and discuss the situation of women in conflict, which has become prevalent in different regions of Ethiopia. These conflicts have been and are still affecting the life of women in Ethiopia in different ways, exposing them to sexual violence and sexual slavery, suffering from abduction and other inhumane acts, forced migration and displacement by which they are facing various and specific difficulties, dangers, and obstacles. Against this background and to adequately respond to this situation, a gender-sensitive approach in extending support is urgently required.

During the dialogue, the panelists and discussants drew attention to the current situation in the country, women in conflict and displacement in this context, the impact of the conflict on the lives and dignity of women and men as well as on the different challenges faced by victims and survivors and the experience of CSOs working on the frontline to provide humanitarian assistance. They also provided suggestions and guidance on possible ways forward.


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