Thursday, 28.04.2022 - Addis Ababa

Strategy Meeting with Coalition of Women Organizations

The strategy meeting followed the initiation of the Women Organizations Coalition during a capacity-building forum organized by TIMRAN and FES earlier in 2021.

During the meeting, a ‘Mapping Survey of Actors and Initiatives Working on the National Dialogue in Ethiopia’ was presented, identifying challenges of CSOs, classifying actors and initiatives in the national dialogue, stumbling blocks that might be faced, and developing possible intervention strategies.

The strategy meeting emphasized the barriers to women’s direct and meaningful participation in the National Dialogue Commission, as negotiators and decision-makers, and discussed approaches of joining forces and a way forward to overcome these barriers. The establishment of gender committee and women advisory group/committee was also identified as one strategy to expand the indirect participation of women in the commission and ensure the integration of gender needs and perspectives in the national dialogue.


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