Monday, 04.10.2021

Seminar on Safety and Health in the Construction Sector

Ethiopian Labor Rights Watch (ELRW) in collaboration with FES organized a one-day seminar, providing a platform for different stakeholders to discuss the issue of multiple threats to both the health and livelihoods of workers in the Construction Sectors.

 In doing so, it also covered the policies in terms of Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) and social protection that need to be implemented to protect all workers and their families adequately as well as the role of the various stakeholders. As construction is among the most hazardous sectors, many workers suffer from ill-health and even die from occupational accidents and diseases arising from accumulated exposure to hazardous substances. The seminar started with presentation of papers by experts in the field, then jointly identified the legal, policy, and institutional framework gaps and enforcement limitations regarding OSH in the construction sector and then developed concrete steps that should be taken by the relevant stakeholders to address the matter.


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