Thursday, 03.06.2021

EEA book launch

The Ethiopian Economic Association (EEA) completed and published the first volume of "The State of Ethiopian Economy 2020/21" edition, which replaced the former "Annual Report on the Ethiopian Economy".

 It contains a detailed analysis of key themes with a forward-looking focus by offering in-depth research and diagnostics of selected topics on the Ethiopian economy.

The book launch was held on June 3rd with support of FES, which helped to publicize the new series of the book. This issue focused on sub-subject related to Economic Development, Population Dynamics and Welfare. A designated session gave two book reviewers the opportunity to reflect their views on the new format and the content of the book.  Participants were drawn from various government institutions, civic society organizations, and senior economists in the country who gave feedback to improve the quality and the relevance the book series in light of further studies and policy formulations to come. By this, the book launch helped in promoting and advocating the new series of the Annual State of Ethiopian Economy 2020/21 edition to different stakeholders and dissemination of the book.


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