Friday, 25.02.2022

Appraisal of the Conflict in Northern Ethiopia: social, economic and political remedies to contemplate

The Bahir Dar Workshop Series 2022 FES is organizing jointly with the University of Bahir Dar commenced with the critical issue of the National Dialogue process.

Both the presentations and the discussions during this workshop series underscored the urgency to look forward with the aim to take Ethiopia out of the cycle of conflicts and to move forward with a comprehensive reconstruction and political dialogue and reform processes.

During the workshop, participants raised their concerns about the protracted conflict in Northern Ethiopia and other parts of the country that have taken their toll on the overall social, economic, political, and diplomatic standing of Ethiopia as a country. It was mentioned that this occurred at a time when Ethiopia was still undergoing transformation in many sectors, and that the effects of the military confrontation are expected to burden the country for times to come.

Going forward with the challenging task of finding lasting and comprehensive settlement in different aspects, participants underlined that all Ethiopians are expected to critically examine the underlying factors that led the country to the current state, and that all stakeholder should commit to collectively work on a shared solution for a way forward. Realizing meaningful peace and transformation, as it was raised during the discussions, demands a balanced assessment, with the objective to chart a course suitable for all Ethiopians. As one participant put it in a call for shared urgency: “The longer it takes to find an amicable solution to the crisis, the graver it may be to reverse.”


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